Tommee Tippee 

We have breast fed all 3 of our children because of the huge benefits over formula feeding. However this is not a subject I will discuss with new parents offline because of the friction it provides in the conversation. I do understand both sides of the feeding coin but we are a strong supporter and advocate for breastfeeding for a minimum of 3 months but do encourage all moms to breastfeed for 6 months.

It is very important that you do not introduce a bottle to your newborn to early as it may cause confusion between mom and bottle. Although if the newborn has caught on and is doing well with mom then go for the bottle as it will help baby and dad bond and gives mom a nice break.

Now the reason for this post is I am still trying to figure out the correct amount of ounces to provide our daughter because it is almost impossible to tell how much she is getting from mom per feeding. This has been an ongoing battle so I wanted to get this information out to new parents.

Now all newborns are different but it appears that 2 to 4 ounces during the first 60 days per feeding every 2- 3 hours seems to be a good benchmark for when our daughter needs to eat from the bottle.

4 ounces seems to be the bench mark. Anything less she will seem unsatisfied, will have trouble getting back to sleep etc.. What have you found out???

When mom has to head out for a few ours we wash, sterilize, warm up, and use the best on the market. Tommee Tippee products, which seems to be exclusive to Babies R Us anchor stores. Our family has always felt that before every child you must research not only everything you purchase but especially the items that protect, rest, and feed your baby.

Information shows that it is not necessary to sterilize unless baby is premature or under weight but we are more cautious than most parents so be forewarned.