Fisher-Price Starlight Cradle ‘n Sugar Plum Swing 

About 2 weeks ago we had to replace our Graco baby swing because it was broken after going through almost 2 of our kids. This was a great swing we had it about 7 years but was defiantly out dated and eventually the gear system broke. The most critical thing to remember when holding on to and reusing old baby gear is that the age of the item really works against you. It is critical to keep in mind that if for example you hold on to an item for more than even 1 year you are looking at holding on to an item that has passed old safety standards and technology has advanced since your item was on the self.

Obviously clothes and some toys do not fall in this category but please keep in mind that car seats, swings, and any other item needs to be updated frequently so that all your elite baby gear will pass current safety and material guidelines. There are so many recalls from new and old items these days so it is necessary to side with caution when it comes to your newborn.

When we began to review the swings we defiantly started online to compare the latest and the greatest but did not truly intend to buy the top of the line but you do realize this a defiant trap to fall into because you are purchasing these items for your little munchkin. So some times you do spend too much but feel the extra is justified because its your kid.

Fisher-Price Starlight Cradle ‘n Sugar Plum Swing:

No swing compared to the Fisher-Price Starlight Cradle ‘n Sugar Plum Swing. BUT be forewarned as it is a squeaky swing. This swing keeps your newborn up to 35 lb baby more occupied than any other because it comes with all the bells and whistles. But it has to get returned because the squeaking is overwhelming. I even took it all apart all the way down to the gears and made sure it was  well lubricated but even after that eventually the SQUEAKING came back so back to Baby R Us for this swing.

We are very disappointed as there are not too many girl friendly color swings available. Bottom line if you can deal with the noise this one has everything you need including extra sleep and chore time for parents when baby sleeps and your child is occupied to the max.

We do not know what the next swing we buy is but after reading any negative review the biggest complaint was the squeaking on the Fisher-Price Starlight Cradle ‘n Sugar Plum Swing.

Sorry Fisher-Price Starlight Cradle ‘n Sugar Plum Swing, we will miss everything you gave to us. We wrestled with the noise but made the decision to find a replacement for you.

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